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Scene is a new play moving around the UK, with its latest run at Camden People’s Theatre in London. It’s an exploration of a queer, interracial relationship – following the love of Ayo (Saskia Ross) and Flo (Laura Cameron) as they navigate how queerness, and particularly race affects their personal lives and understanding of one another.

At times tender, at times laugh out loud funny and at times uncomfortable, Scene challenges white people in the audience to consider their own racism and racial bias – reminding us that as long as we live in a racist society we all have layers of privilege that we have to unpack.

The play is beautifully acted and written – you can tell that it’s been put together by people who have personal experience of the characters’ struggles and by people who really care. Scene doesn’t beat around the bush. It’s honest and that’s incredibly refreshing – showing us how racism can affect people’s most personal relationship, and asking whether these relationships can survive in a society that is structurally so oppressive.

Scene is on at The Camden People’s Theatre until Saturday 14th April. Don’t Miss it.

Yas Necati  : @YasNecati